Dear Friends,

We have just about completed the first term of 2018. I have been inspired as I have observed your children learning at school. Each one has grown and has developed in his or her own way, as they have been challenged to greater learning and understanding.

Our students have settled in well into their studies. Also, we have completed our swimming and gymnastics programs and we look forward to our learning programs for next term.

For me, the key issue is that your children are developing through their learning. I am reminded of how Jesus developed as a teenager. The Scripture indicates a balance in His development, which we at Australian Christian College seek to emulate. It states that “Jesus increased in wisdom, stature, and in favour with God and man.” Luke 2:52.

It is our desire at the college to see this four-fold, balanced approach in your children’s education:

  • Wisdom – intellectual development; how to live well on earth
  • Stature – physical development; health and well-being
  • Favour with God – spiritual development;
  • Favour with man – social development.

Intellectual, physical, spiritual and social development brings a holistic balance to your child’s life and to his or her progress toward adulthood. We at the college are privileged to partner with you in this wonderful process.

I want to thank our staff for their dedication to our students, during this term. We have a great team at ACC Burnie. With this in mind, we seek to go God’s way in education. Our staff continue to aspire to excellence for your children and their education.

During the holidays I trust that all of our students will have a well-deserved break and will be back, next term, refreshed and ready to continue their learning.

Yours for Christian education,

Acting Principal


This year marks the 103rd anniversary of Australian and New Zealand soldiers (ANZACs) landing on Gallipoli Beach, in Turkey, on 25th April, 1915, during World War I. The ANZACs displayed great bravery during this nine-month military campaign.

ANZAC Day is special to all Australians as it is a time to commemorate the commitment of all of our service men and women in several different theatres of war. Many of these people gave their lives so that we could live in freedom, today.

One inspiring ANZAC story is the story of John Simpson and his donkey, at Gallipoli.

ANZAC Cove 1915

John Simpson Kirkpatrick and His Donkey

John Simpson was a stretcher bearer with the ANZAC troops at Gallipoli. He landed at ANZAC Cove on 25 April, 1915. John spotted a donkey in the hills, and he began to use it to carry wounded soldiers from the war front to the beach, for evacuation. The ANZACs gave Simpson’s donkey various names such as “Duffy”, “Abdul” or “Murphy”.

Colonel Monash wrote that Private Simpson worked day and night amid shrapnel and rifle fire, affecting many fearless rescues of wounded men, carrying them from the battlefield to safety behind the ANZAC lines.

After three and a half weeks of this work, on 19 May 1915, Simpson was struck by machine gun fire and died. John Simpson and his donkey are remembered as an important part of the ANZAC legend.

John Simpson, the man with the donkey, is a true hero of Australian history. It is fitting for us to tell our children of his love and care for his fellow man. His story is a true demonstration of the words of Jesus: “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13

Simpson and His Donkey



God’s arrangement for the development of children involves “FAMILY”. We parents are given the great responsibility of nurturing our children. Our parenting does count.

The research of Drs. Bowlby and Baumrind into good parenting has been globally acknowledged over many decades. Their work gives us insight into God’s way in good parenting.


Dr. John Bowlby, the father of attachment theory, studied the links between the close attachment between babies, infants and children, and their parents. Bowlby found that close attachment developed close bonds between the child and his/her parents. Bowlby found that (i) close proximity of a child to his/her parents creates a (ii) safe haven, which is a (iii) secure base from which a child can eventually launch out confidently into the world.

Bowlby (1973) wrote, “No variables have more far-reaching effects on personality development than a child’s experiences within the family.” Bowlby did not mean that parents should “smother” their children in relationship, but rather that good strong bonds developed confident, resilient young adults.


Dr. Diana Baumrind studied the balance between care and control among parents with their children. She found four types of parenting which exhibit different degrees of responsiveness and demandingness by parents to their children. They are:

  1. Authoritative Parenting: High Control and High Warmth
  2. Authoritarian Parenting: High Control and Low Warmth
  3. Permissive Parenting: Low Control and High Warmth
  4. Rejecting / Neglecting Parenting: Low Control and Low Warmth.

Baumrind wrote about the importance of the authoritative parent model, in expressing high control and high warmth and responsiveness (good direction and plenty of love), as opposed to high control and low warmth (a dictator); low control and high warmth (child is spoiled); and low control and low warmth (child is neglected).

As parents we have the Bible which guides us as to our:

  1. attachment,
  2. responsiveness / care / warmth and our
  3. control / demandingness.

1 Thessalonians 2:7-12 teaches parents that we are to disciple our children as:

  • a nursing mother, who is gentle, providing intellectual, physical, spiritual and social nourishment and as
  • a charactered father, who exhorts, comforts and charges his children.  

This is our calling as parents. There are many types of families today, including dual-parent families, blended families, single-parent families, adoptive families and foster families.

Whatever your family type is, it is your privilege to raise up your children as followers of Jesus in the 21st century. This is a challenging task, but you have God, ever-present, to help you. Call on Him for help in raising and educating your children.

The key to raising your child is the relationship that you have with your children. Your attachment, care, control and warmth etc. will be a key to your children’s development.


Exploring how things work.

It is our privilege at ACC Burnie to be a part of your child’s development and thus to assist you in your calling as parents.


It looks like they had a fun time. Master Chef here we come!


High School students from our three campuses got together at the Launceston Gorge on the 5th April for a biathlon.

We appreciated Mr. Howell’s (Principal ACC Launceston) organising of both the swimming and the running events. In this picture we see Mr. David Noble (Principal ACC Hobart) and Mr. Howell giving necessary directions. An enjoyable day was had by ACC secondary staff and students from our three campuses.


ANZAC Day is a good time for our students to learn more about World War 1 and what life was like back in Australia, during that time.  

We encourage you to join us for the Somerset ANZAC Memorial event.

We will be meeting in the car park (Northern end of Falmouth Street - Somerset) from 8:30am.  The March is at 8:50am and the Service at 9:00am.  Morning Tea is provided, at the Surf Club, following the Service.  You are all welcome to attend and bring some food to share if desired.  We have two students collecting a book and two students laying a wreath.  Mr Harding and teachers will be in attendance.

Burnie Bus signage.

During the school holidays the Burnie bus has been booked in to have a special wrap put on it in Launceston.

It will advertise Australian Christian College - Burnie.  Hobart will also have theirs done in the school holidays.  The Launceston bus was wrapped earlier in the year.

It will be great advertising around the streets of Burnie.

Wynyard Show - Student Prizes

Some of our High school and Primary students entered items in the Wynyard Show and performed very well.  The prize cards and money were given out at Assembly on Tuesday 20th March.

TERM 2 - Winter uniform

Students are to wear winter uniform for Term 2 and Term 3.  Most items were included in the Complimentary set given at the start of the year.  You can order  from the Estore or ask Helen at the office and she may be able to source some sizes in second hand uniform.

We do have our try on stock if you are unsure of sizes for jumpers, vests, long sleeve shirts etc.

The office will be open second week of the holidays - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

NAPLAN   15 May - 17 May 2018

Students in grade 3, 5, 7 and 9 will be doing the NAPLAN testing over three days Tuesday 15th May, Wednesday 16th May and Thursday 17th May 2018.


TERM 2: 30 April to 6 July 2018

TERM 3: 30 July to 28 September 2018

TERM 4: 15 October to 13 December 2018


Bunnings BBQ - 16th June 2018

We have received an email to say we have been successful in obtaining a spot to hold a fundraiser BBQ on Saturday 16th June 2018 at Bunnings in Burnie.

As was done previously we would like to organise a roster to share the time over the day with  two hour shifts.  If you are able to help out please let Helen know.  We need to be there around 8am to set up and BBQ till around 4pm,  cleanup and pack up the gazebo/BBQ.  Any time you can give will be much appreciated.

Entertainment Book

The new 2018/2019 Entertainment Books will be available from 30th April 2018. We have an entertainment book at the office for anyone who might like to have a look. Digital Memberships are also available.

Click here to order your Book or Digital Membership online.

Tubs of Clover and Leatherwood Honey $15.00


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