Christian Education - A Broad Education

Dear friends,

A Christian education is a wonderful thing. It teaches your child about the realities of the physical world. It deals with science, the arts, languages, mathematics, sports and all of the usual things that schools present to their students.

However, a Christian education provides your child with much more. A Christian education presents your child with permission to ask the difficult questions in life, and to gain satisfying answers to many of those questions. Children of all ages ask these difficult questions in their own way, no matter what their age.

Some of these questions include: “Why are we here?” “What is the purpose of life?” “Do I have any value?” “Why am I like what I am like?” etc. A Christian education provides logical, rational answers to these deep questions.

Also, a Christian education acknowledges that all people, including your children, have a spiritual dimension. We are not just a bunch of chemicals and atoms, which fell together by chance. For this reason, we include the spiritual dimension as part of our educational program.

A secular education does not admit the spiritual dimension into the child’s educational program. It limits a child’s experience to just what can be seen, touched and heard. Whereas a Christian education incorporates both the material and spiritual dimensions into the child’s learning. For this reason a Christian education is broader in scope than a secular education.

Some of the key spiritual issues that a Christian education adds to our children’s life include:

  • Developing faith and hope
  • Developing good character traits
  • Learning about God’s love for people
  • Learning about prayer

These matters are priceless as they give your child coping mechanisms for the challenges in life that lay ahead.

I am not suggesting that our children are better than anyone else. However, they are developing in a different and caring atmosphere, which gives them a sure foundation for their now and their tomorrows.

Our staff at Australian Christian College are committed to supporting you with Christian education, as you raise your children. We count it a privilege to teach your children and have them in our school.

Yours for Christian education,

Terry Harding

Acting Principal



Just this week our Primary and Secondary students have completed their Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT). The PATs test your child’s abilities in literacy and numeracy. They have been developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), based in Melbourne. Most school students in Australia do the PATs and so they are a great way to measure where our children are on their academic journey at this point in time.

Literacy and numeracy are the keys to your children’s academic success in life. At Australian Christian College, we put great emphasis on assisting your children to grow in their academic skills and abilities. The PATs allow our teachers to know your child’s academic strengths and to work on any academic weaknesses.

We are happy to chat to you about the PAT results. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss where your child is at, please call the College and make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher.

High School students doing their Progressive Achievement tests (PAT).


Every Tuesday of the school term

If you would like any information on opening an account please ask at the

Office or put a note in your child’s diary and it will be passed on.

School Photos

Monday 19 March 2018

All students need to come in Full summer uniform for our School photos on Monday 19 March 2018. We have Belinda from Living Moment Photography taking our photos this year. Order forms have been sent home with students. If you did not get one please ask at the office.

Book Covering

We want to say a big thanks to all who have been covering and placing school stickers on to our new “take-home readers”. We have had several volunteers give their time to get these books ready for both use in the classroom and to take home for reading practice.

There are over 1,000 new books being covered at the moment. If you would like to give some time and get involved for an hour or two, with this book covering adventure, please call Helen at the office.

“Take-home readers” are especially important for our younger learners, who are just embarking on the life-long adventure of learning from books.

Primary take-home readers. Covered and stamped with the school sticker. A big job getting done.


What we get up to.


The primary students have been participating in some gymnastics lessons as part of their Physical Education this term. They have been doing floor work, working on beams, working on bars, and trampolining. The skills they have been learning include balancing, tumbling, jumping, cartwheels, handstands, and landing safely.

Swimming at Healthglo has been an enjoyable time for both our Primary and Secondary students as well.



Grade 7 and Grade 10 Students.

Burnie Health Nurses are coming in the morning on 23rd March to administer

Vaccinations to the students who returned their permission slips recently.


We do have some items of uniform available. Please speak with Mrs Helen Noble if you are interested in any. We may be able to source from another ACC school as well.


Please put a note in your child’s diary for their teacher, if they are not travelling home via their usual mode of travel. Alternatively please call the office for a message to be passed onto their teacher.

Wynyard Show

We plan to have an ACC gazebo set up at the Wynyard Show this Saturday 17th March promoting our school. We will be there 8:30 - 4:00 pm. We want to use this opportunity to promote our school to the Wynyard and surrounding communities.

Some High school and Primary students will have some art and craft in the Home Arts building.

If you are at the show, please drop in at our ACC tent and say “Hi”.

Term Dates

Term 1 - 7 February to 13 April 2018

  Easter Break - 30 March to 3 April 2018

Term 2 - 30 April to 6 July 2018

Term 3 - 30 July to 28 September 2018

Term 4 - 15 October to 13 December 2018


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Ride In2 BMX

17th March 2018 (10:00am to 12 noon)

2018 Kid Fit Series

Life. Be in it. - BUPA Kidfit Triathlon - Ulverstone 17th March 2018

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