Principal’s Message


Dear friends,

Your child’s growth and development is a God-ordained process. Nothing will stop your child’s growth and development. It WILL HAPPEN with you or without you. As parents, our INFLUENCE in our children’s growth and development, determines the QUALITY of their growth and development.

George Barna’s research (2007) into the elements of quality Christian parenting demonstrated the importance of INTENTIONAL parenting. Barna found that INTENTIONAL Christian parents have a key priority that they wanted to see developed in their children. Intentional Christian parents want their children to grow into young adults with a true love for God and for their neighbour.

Barna found that many parents do not have such goals as their top priorities. He found that most of the thousands of parents he interviewed (in the USA) operated in the following two ways:

  1. Parenting by default – This is the path of least resistance. These parents do whatever comes naturally according to cultural norms and traditions. The aim is to keep everybody happy – the parent, the child and all others. They believe that parenting should not dominate other matters of priority in the lives of the family members.
  2. Trial-and-Error Parenting – This approach believes that parents are amateurs at raising children and that there is no right way for parenting. The parent just experiments, sees the outcomes and makes improvements based on the successes and failures in their child rearing. Trial-and-Error parents hope to become better parents than the average parent, someday, but are not sure how to do it.

These two parenting methods do not require a parent to go to the effort of defining his or her life. They have not thought about what is truly important in life. If they merely keep their child clothed and fed until adulthood, they believe they have been successful as parents.

By way of contrast, Barna found that parents who had raised children to become committed Christian adults, had been INTENTIONAL about their parenting. He called this “Revolutionary Parenting”.

  1. Revolutionary Parenting – This method of parenting takes God’s words on life and family at face value. Revolutionary parents seek to apply those words faithfully and consistently. This was the least common approach of all parents.

Revolutionary parents

  • make parenting their priority;
  • see success as the child adopting their own faith in God, rather than success just being that the child has grown up; and
  • have defined what their lives are about. They have adopted God’s purpose as their life’s purpose.
  • teach their children what matters to God in life e.g. faith in God, love and care of people, honesty, creativity, diligence etc.

Your family is part of Australian Christian College’s learning community. You have made Christian education a priority for your child. You have already demonstrated that you are not parenting by “default” or “trial-and-error”. You have become “intentional” about your life and your parenting.

I am not trying to suggest that any of us are perfect parents. We all have our faults and challenges. God knows this. However, when parenting gets tough, you cancall on God, for wisdom and help. The point is that God will guide you as you raise your children, for Him.

I want to encourage you to:

  • be an intentional parent, without being obsessive
  • be a diligent parent, without being tough and legalistic
  • be a focussed parent, whilst being relaxed and faith-filled.

Above all, make faith, hope and love characterise your parenting, remembering that the greatest of these is love (1 Cor. 13:13). Your children will thank you for this, in the future.

We at Australian Christian College are privileged to partner with you as you continue to be “Revolutionary Parents” in the vital activity of raising your children to love God and their fellow man.

Yours for Christian education,

Acting Principal


Barna, G. (2007). Revolutionary Parenting: Raising your kids to become spiritual champions.

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Secondary Students

Our students have transitioned well to working in the Australian Curriculum. They are now growing in their productive use of technology as they research, learn, communicate findings and relate to each other, to their campus teachers and to their course teachers.

The educational activities that our students are engaging in require their diligent attention. They are designed to strategically develop your child as they mature. Homework becomes an important part of that development.

Homework Guidelines – Secondary Students (7-10)

Learning at home is also important. The Tasmanian Education Department recommends that when parents involve in their child’s day-to-day school tasks through homework, it strongly reinforces to their children the importance of their academic development.

Our students will be working on some projects that require additional resources and time, whilst at home. It is recommended that secondary students should be engaged in homework for between 45-90 minutes per school evening.

Please encourage your children to do their homework at the time that best suits your family’s afternoon/evening routines.

Mad about science

Fun Facts

Did you know?

  • The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.
  • Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.
  • The embryos of tiger sharks fight each other while in their mother's womb, the survivor being the baby shark that is born.
  • Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over one million descendants.
  • The trickiest tongue twister in the English language is apparently "Sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick". Give it a try and see for yourself
  • Rabbits and parrots can see behind themselves without even moving their heads!
  • Butterflies taste food by standing on top of it! Their taste receptors are in their feet unlike humans who have most on their tongue.
  • Most of the dust in your home is actually dead skin! Yuck!
  • Humans get a little taller in space because there is no gravity pulling down on them.
  • Sneezing with your eyes open is impossible.
  • Because of the unusual shape of their legs, kangaroos and emus struggle to walk backwards.


Australian Christian College - Burnie was well represented at our recent Somerset ANZAC Day Service. Our students participated in the march, presented a wreath and were presented with a beautiful book commemorating our World War I veterans.

Mr Terry Harding, Mrs Alison Gray, Miss Carolyn Godman, students and parents attended this special event.

ACC Burnie Bus

Signage of our Bus has now been completed.

This is great advertising for our School as it is driven around Burnie.


Sunday 13th May - Saturday 19th May 2018 is Food Allergy Week. Australia has one of the highest rates of food allergies in the developed world and the incidence is growing at an alarming rate. Please remember we do have students with egg allergies so please remind your child NO sharing of food with classmates who have allergies and encourage hand washing after eating.

NAPLAN - 15th - 17th May 2018

Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will be doing NAPLAN testing over three days next week. We trust that these students will be well and get adequate rest over the weekend so they can be at their best for the tests.


We are up and running

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Commonwealth Bank

Every Tuesday of the school Term we have our Student Banking. If there is anyone who is interested in opening an account for their child, I do have information at the school office.

A token is given for each deposit and when your child has ten token they can choose a reward. Please see below for the 2018 rewards.


High School students doing investigations in measurement and using an “air cannon” to investigate mass and air pressure.

Year Eight History students are studying the expansion of Ghengis Khan’s empire. Here, they are imitating putting up a tent on the Mongolian Steppes (it’s not quite as cold or windy as Mongolia, but it was a challenge). They also had to make their own butter.



The Primary class has had an interesting start to the term. We have been conducting

experiments to study the effects of erosion as part of our Earth Science unit.

Coach Alex has been teaching us running, throwing and jumping techniques in athletics and we are beginning to learn some French words for LOTE (Languages Other Than English).

Homework Guidelines - Primary Students (Grades 1-6)

It is recommended that primary students should do between 15-45 minutes of homework each night. Homework helps to reinforce classroom learning, helps to create good work habits and benefits concentration and memory.


Inquiring and being Creative.

Science Table - 2nd May 2018.

Caterpillars, Cocoons & Butterflies.We had a caterpillar which was eating kale.

It made a cocoon. When the butterfly hatched out, it was actually a cabbage moth!

Art - 9th May 2018.

Handprint painting and learning how God made each one of us unique and Special.


On May 2nd we packed our gear and headed to Agfest. We camped at Hagley school farm with four other schools. It was hard work we were up at 5am and finished feeding and watering the cattle at around 9:30pm. There was no wash bay so we had to use a bucket to wash the cattle.

I won my handler class age 9-12 then got 3rd in the championship across all ages, so I was really happy with this. The handler class is where you’re judged on how you prepare your cattle, walk your cattle and how you stand them up in front of the judge. I also won the fancy dress competition which was judged by frank and Nikki from the Betta milk TV ad. My cow and I dressed up as milk ladies, it was heaps of fun. I can’t wait until next year so we can do it all again.

Leah Beamish - Year 7


Bunnings BBQ - 16th June 2018

We will be hosting a fundraiser BBQ on Saturday 16th June 2018 at Bunnings in Burnie.

As was done previously we would like to organise a roster to share the time over the day with two hour shifts. If you are able to help out please let Helen know. We need to be there around 8am to set up and BBQ till around 4pm, cleanup and pack up the gazebo/BBQ. Any time you can give will be much appreciated.

Entertainment Book

The new 2018/2019 Entertainment Books will be available from 30th April 2018. We have an entertainment book at the office for anyone who might like to have a look. Digital Memberships are also available.

Click here to order your Book or Digital Membership online.

Tubs of Clover and Leatherwood Honey $15.00



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